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Let's make a game in whole of 2022.

The Game Jam 2022 is an opportunity for anyone to create a game within the 12 months of 2022. The games will be rated on gameplay, design, creativity and audio. 

 And another criteria is the amount of "My taste", that will be decided by me on how overall I like your game. So that will, probably, be tricky for you.

The primary criteria is still "relevance to 2022" and means that the game should  contain something that points to that the game was made in 2022 and only 2022. (For example it can contain the newest iPhone or a giant world event that happened in 2022) 


  • No NSFW.
  • No discriminatory.
  • Only use assets you have the right to use.
  • No manipulation of ratings.
  • Only submit a game created within the time period. Planning is allowed before the start.


  • What's the theme? This game jam doesn't really have a theme, your game only need to have any content linked to 2022.
  • Can I submit more than 1 game? Yes, but I would advise you not to and instead put in more work in one game or take some free time.
  • Which platforms can I publish to? Any platform that is supported by  (For me to play it needs to be Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or WebGL)
  • Can my submission be a game made earlier than 2022? No, only games made within the creation period are allowed.

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