This jam is now over. It ran from 2016-06-01 04:00:00 to 2016-08-01 04:00:00. View results

Before I start to explain what this jam is about, I should probably point out something:

*This jam is NOT for beginners*

Creating a game engine is much more difficult that creating a game, even if sometimes creating a game requires more experience than creating a game engine.

This is slightly different than a game jam, but has the same concept - build something related to games in a certain amount of time. But this time, you need to not build a game, but build a game engine.

Now, game engines themselves are hard to create. Therefore, the rules are rather flexible:

  • Any platform is allowed.
  • Source is not required, but would be greatly appreciated.
  • Any game engines previously made before the start date are allowed.
  • There is no theme, so pretty much any game engine in all shapes and sizes are allowed.
  • Any language can be used to create them.
  • The game engine must be able to export any game created with it to any one platform.
When and before submitting, keep in mind what a basic game engine is: it allows for the creation of games. Beyond that, it's up to you.