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The wicked winds of Yule roll over us, and it can mean just one thing... that it's time for another glorious year at the table for Game Dunk!

Face the world. Make your choices. The Secret Themes loom before you.

What will you do?

Gather in the hallowed halls of the ARC forum. Work with the other designers, or adventure alone. The world is yours, and you can carve it anew in the image of your desires. 

We have some amazing guest speakers and some wild online games to stoke your creative instincts and get those game ideas into the world. Study the secret sigils on our Facebook page, or join up on our Discord where most of the action will be happening. Stunning banner art brought to you by our pal Helen!


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A GMless game of bringing back wildness to an unchanging world.
The Devil is dead. What will Hell look like without him?
A 1-page 2-player roleplaying game
A one-page solo RPG about love, temptation and the Devil. Also, very stupid.
a quick and deadly 2-player roleplaying game
A one-page about trying to achieve a goal, whilst battling your 'Devils'.
Super Hero Apprentices Plot to Overthrow their Masters