This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-03-31 23:00:00 to 2017-04-10 14:30:00. View results

Welcome to Game Dev Network's first game jam!

Server Link:

Theme -- Text Based!

Who are we?
Game Dev Network is a community of game programmers, artists, sound engineers, any role remotely related to games really.
Whether you're looking for an extra team mate for a project or just want some feedback on your latest pixel art masterpiece, we're here!

Why participate?
As a huge game jam advocate and having ran multiple jams in the past, I am never not asked "why".
Not only does participating in a game jam give you the chance to flex your creativity and build on your portfolio, you get the opportunity to talk to other jammers, get feedback and make connections.

Oh, and winners will recieve a winner title on the server as well as an awesome high quality Game Dev Network sticker!*

The process
1) Join our Discord server:
2) Say hi! Or don't and lurk in #gamejam
3) ???
4) Games!

You'll have from Saturday April 1st 00:00 GMT until Sunday April 9th 23:00 to create and submit your game.
You hold all rights to anything created during the jam. You may upload the source of your game, however this is completely optional and participants are under no obligation to do so.


  • No NSFW content - Q: Can we still have blood splats? A: Hell yeah but make sure they're clothed!
  • No stolen content - Feel free to use snippets here and there from past projects, but please keep entries original and without copyright violations.
  • Even royalty free D:? - Within reason; You're welcome to use any public domain assets, though if you stumble upon an RPG framework and reskin it, that's a bit far.
  • No engine restrictions, whatever you feel comfortable with!
  • Max team size: 4

Partner: Home of Indies
Home of Indies is an upcoming web platform hand-crafted for indie developers. Create a custom page for yourself, your studio or both and build your brand and distribute your games without the fear of high sales fees. Whether you're looking for additional members for a project or looking for work yourself, you're sure to find some value from HoI.
Check out their Kickstarter here:

*Each member of the winning team (one each, max 4 recipients) will recieve a high quality die-cut GameDevNetwork sticker, we don't do that cheap stuff here. Postage is free! Winners will also recieve a fancy role on the server to celebrate jam prowess.

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A little text-based game for Game Dev Network: Apple Jam. Test your luck, roll the dice.
Top down shooter using ASCII exclusively for graphics!
SMS argument simulator-ish
A old school batch game made to simulate a boy trapped in a computer guided by a mysterious Dax
A physics sandbox designed to annoy players wanting a simple game