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THEME: (based on the votes) RAGE GAME
This is up to interpretation.

GDF #1 is a game jam for the discord: the game developing server for all platforms. The jam goes on for a full week and will have a certain theme to the game. You don't have to follow the theme, but it's recommended.  Adult content is allowed, but specify somewhere in the game that it is 18+ 

The game will be judged on: likeliness to the theme, the quality of the graphics (nothing fancy, but at least pleasing to the eye), music score, sound effects, and, obviously, gameplay. Your game has to have good gameplay. It's a game. 

You can have any amount of people in your team, and maybe even just yourself, so get some friends! And more importantly, have fun.

(theme will be announced in the discord and on this page the day the jam starts. To vote for the theme follow the link in the server)

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