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Spend a month making a video game as part of the St. Louis Game Dev Duel!

On June 30th at the St. Louis Science Center we're kicking off a brand new type of Game Jam. This time you and your team will have a whole month to make the best game you possibly can. Devote as much or as little time as you'd like, but do what you can to get that game made by August 1st.

Whether you've wanted to make a game before and weren't sure how to get started, or just want an excuse to make another game, this event is for you!

You will also be "competing" for bragging rights through an achievement system designed to help your team stick with it, follow best practices, and get involved with the community. To make this more of a community experience we will be offering support and guidance throughout the month. Each week there will be an opportunity to meet with other participants, show off progress, and get some helpful advice from professionals on things that might be standing in the way of your team's progress.

We're excited to try something new. Lets make awesome, creative games together!


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Low-fi Android Rogue-like Made for the STL SlowJam 2016
Role Playing
vs Fighting/Shooting Game with character
Learn and understand your crew in order to survive the harsh realities of pirate life on the high seas!
What costume did YOU wear to the masquerade? Find out by talking to party people and answer fun questions!
2D Fast paced action shooter with roguelike elements, survive waves of creatures until the sunrise.
Play in browser
Tacos are outlawed and everything's been taken from you. Fight back against the Taco Authorities!
Find the top secret character file containers
An infinite platformer whose world is built as you play!