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Description : 

Game craft, inspired by Game Jam, is an online hackathon about video games.

Each team, with a maximum of five members must create a game, within 72 hours, related to a theme which, for this first edition will be appointed by majority vote of all the members.

In order to introduce young minds to the world of game development and offer them the opportunity, not only to acquire new skills, but also to unleash their creativity, develop their sense of teamwork, and solve real problems in an informative, fun, modern and competitive environment. 

To accompany the participants during this competition, qualified coaches will take care of the different teams by offering trainings and workshops.

About us:

we are the VISION & INNOVATION Club, a scientific club of the «Ecole Nationale Polytechnique» of Algiers. We aim to enrich and broaden the perspectives of university students by creating an interface of exchange and interaction between our members, but especially, through a wide range of events organized by us for students from different horizons.

This time's  competition, "GameCraft"  is organized by the scientific department of our club "Spark", which  has the main purpose to fill the training of our students , by organizing various national and international competitions.

                                                                                                                       "We lead the VICtory"

Vote and Registration:  

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Game Development Workshop:

Software needed:

Workshop's recordings :

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  1. Teams can only include up to 4 members (including the team leader)- any more would make it unfair.
  2. You can ONLY work on your game between  Sept. 29 th  - Oct.02 nd of  this year.
  3. You may use pri-made Asset Packs if given permission or license permits.
  4. You can use any engine or framework you like, or make your own if you want.
  5. You are asked to create games away from violence and immorality.

Event's Plan:

After Game Craft's end , the juries will rate the games and decide the winning team, there will also be a community poll to decide the most popular game, both teams will receive a prize. 

Games will be rated based on 5 categories:  :

  • Gameplay - the features of a game, its story and the way it is played.
  • Graphics -the graphic techniques that have been used and how nice the game looks - this includes particle effects and anything related to the appearance of the game.
  • Audio - the soundtrack that accompanies the game and how nice it sounds, whether with music or sound effects.
  • Thematic Relevancy - how relevant the game is to whatever theme was picked and how well the theme is used. If a game only technically applies to the theme, it gets a lower score than one which fully embraces it.
  • The content of the the game and the idea

Judging and Prizes:

When the jam ends, a  panel of judges will  rate the games based on a rubric to determine a  winner, there will also be a community poll where the highest scoring overall game will win the title of the most popular game.

The community's  vote will take place a week after the jam's end.

 Both the winner team and the most popular game will be announced one week after the vote's end, to allow extra time for judges.

The winner will receive the main price, while the most popular game will receive a symbolic one.

Theme's announcement: 

The theme is meant to be an inspiration to Kick-Start your ideas, you are free to interpret it however you like.

The theme is optional, but Theme/Limitation counts for 20% of your score.


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A fun hyper casual game about escaping a classroom!
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