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Make a first person game about the place name you are given. Email if you do not have one. This is what the game is called. It should have sounds and music created by you.

The game should include narration, whether yours, someone else’s or from an audiobook etc.

Good marks for
- an interesting aesthetic
- strong use of space, pacing and contrast. 
- compelling sense of place and atmosphere
- structure (start, middle, end), 
- polish

The focus of your game is up to you.

Worth 20%
- 8 marks for prototype work shown in class
- 8 marks for final submitted game
- 4 marks for presentation on

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Based on the prompt "Dracholt", a narrated walk through a quiet, halloween-loving village.
A game based on a fictional place where people go before they die
Discover lost ruins under the sea
This is a small project based around the theme "Fallport".
A short project I made for a college assignment.
Castle Exploration
Evil spreads to an unassuming village abducting the population. A dog is left to explore what is left of his home.
A short mood piece about exploring a strange island.
A dying star has caused a nearby space station to lose power.
Space themed exploration game
Travel through a ruined Kingdom to restore gravity
Reinforce, Revamp, Retrogress
DT508 game tools project 2
Escape from an evil asylum and find your way through a confusing maze of a dense forest.
Escape from the horror.
You have been given a chance to escape a life of experiments and isolation. Will you take it?
A short simple puzzle game can you solve the puzzle and escape with your soul.
Explore two mysterious worlds as you take your first steps in your rite of passage to discover your tribes secrets
Take a journey into your mind to discover your eruption of thought.
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