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Make a game in our 12 hour jam!

Join a team or work solo. Meet game developers. Learn stuff. Make games. Have fun!
Also, there will be tea/coffee/water and food during the day.

Galway Game Jam is partnered with GameCraft for GalwayGameJam6.
GameCraft is a games jam event designed around building the gaming community. We aim to create events which allow game-makers to meet, share ideas, have fun, compete for prizes and most importantly make games! Connect, Create, Collaborate.

All participants are required to accept the GameCraft code of conduct found here:
FAQ below.

When: 9am to 9pm Saturday 18th June. (12 hours of jam!)

Pulse College,
1st Floor,
Geata na Cathracha
Fairgreen Road
Galway City

Twitter: @GalwayGameJam
Our hashtag for the event is #GalwayGameJam6 event page: - Online/remote participants please join here!
Facebook event page:

What do I need to bring?

  • PC or laptop & its cables
  • Screen & its cables
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Mouse pad
  • Headphones or earphones - No speakers allowed
  • Any game making equipment you think you'll need (e.g. graphics tablet, game controllers, VR headsets etc.)
  • If you are travelling from outside Galway you will need to organise your own accommodation. There are hostels in the city with reasonable rates and Bed & Breakfasts on College Road are only a ten minutes walk from the venue.

Do I need to be an expert gamedev to participate?
No, not at all! The gamejam is for everyone from complete beginners to professional game devs. We will try to team up beginners with some more experienced game jammers so you can be sure to learn and have fun and have something made by the end of the event.

Is it for computer games or board games?
Everything! You can use the Galway Game Jam to make any type of game.

Can I work on a project that I've already started?
Ideally the game jam is for making something new but by all means you can work on your own project. Please state this clearly in your submission so voters can accurately judge your entry. Any work you have already done before the gamejam is not eligable for that category of prizes. If in doubt, ask! We're here to help ;)

Can I use a game engine/library/framework/asset packs/royalty-free music etc?

Can I participate with a pre-arranged team?
Yes. As long as your team is a maximum of 5 people.

Can I take part remotely/online? Can I still join the competition?
Yes. Join here:
You don't need to pay the ticket price to take part online/remotely AND you can submit your game for the competition.

What prizes are there?
Right now some small ones. We're working on that, but with our current lack of sponsors our prizes will likely be small. We're working on improving this, the more game jams you participate in the better the prizes wll be!

Can you eat/drink at the venue?
Yes but we'd like you to observe some rules. Please use the bins for any rubbish you have. Please don't eat or drink anything that smells strongly in the main game jam area. Please tidy up after yourself.

What kind of skills would be helpful at the gamejam?
Pretty much all of them! The aim is to make stuff and have fun making. We encourage everyone to plan for a small game. Something achieveable in a weekend, for example, something that a single person can play in their web browser and complete in a few minutes.

These skills can be handy, but by no means definitive:

  • Game Design - coming up with game mechanics in systems
  • Writing - weaving a story, giving depth to the game through lore.
  • Programming - trying out making a game using programming language you already know, or taking some tutorials in a game engine and bring all the pieces together.
  • Art - create beautiful (or horrifying) art assets, and maybe some animation
  • Audio/Music - making some noise, and some music. A great way to boost percieved production quality of a game!
  • Production - organisation and time management skills. If this is a strength of yours you could take the lead in making deadlines for your team to achieve at different points over the event.
  • And more!

Of course you can always use the gamejam to try something new, and I totally encourage it!

Note to Online Participants:
Please submit your game for voting to by 6:00pm GMT/UTC on Saturday June 18th.

If you have any questions contact us at or through our forums, twitch or twitter.

Galway Game Jam 6 is made possible thanks to GameCraft and Pulse College Galway.
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Time Beast:Tough Guy in Time
The Dalai Lama goes back in time and rewrites history.
Become Hitler and defeat all the vikings in your way of world power
Stop the French Revolution
Bounce through time collecting wibbly-wobbly time compasses