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During November we are hosting a slow jam.

Submissitons: If anyone has their game ready to submit in another time zone but has not submitted by the deadline, please get in touch with us and we can give you a special link to submit your slow jam project. Take care!

Theme: "The Old Gods"

This slow game jam aims to be quite flexible. Like our previous virtual jams, people can make their game whenever they like and however they like. For the slow jam we you can work on a existing project and bring it to the next point.

Similar to our previous virtual jams we will be hosting livestreams. At least one to kick off the jam and one for the showcase. We hope to have another Livestream during November as a mid-way point so be sure to check our discord announcements channel or socials for an update.

During the jam we will host a livestream with speakers who work in the games industry. Speakers include indie game journalist and youtuber Jupiter Hadley along with some familiar faces from previous Galway Game Jam livestreams. 

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