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Welcome to the Galactic 2E jam! This is a jam for making supplemental material for the game Galactic 2E. That can mean whatever you want: expansion playbooks, pillars, places, and/or traits, story prompts, something cooler i haven't even thought about... hell if you wanna make a totally different game using its modified BoB system, I'm certainly not going to stop you.

Sometime soon I'll upload the affinity file for the playkit so people can use that for playbooks/pillars if they want. If I forgot to do that and you want it, just yell at me.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit something based on/for Galactic 2E.
  • Be inclusive, no bigotry, you know the drill.
  • If you use twitter, make sure to tweet your work with #g2ejam so everyone can see it!
  • If you really don't feel comfortable that's fine, but I highly encourage everyone to price their work. 

This jam is run by riley rethal, aka the person who wrote galactic 2e, because some people on twitter said they wanted a jam. You can find my twitter @rileyrethaI where I'll be retweeting everyone's cool jam stuff.


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a gm-less ttrpg inspired by rogue one, about war, rebellion, and making the ultimate sacrifice
Galactic 2E playbooks
a droid-focused expansion for Galactic 2e [free copies always available]
A Galactic 2e supplement of corporate conspiracy and existential threats
Contains the iconoclast playbook, new locations, a new pillar, and path for use with Galactic 2e
A pair of Galactic 2E playbooks
A playbook about those who lived through the LAST war.
A playbook about heart, mess, and being a funky lil dude
Be shaped by those around you!
Separatist/CIS inspired pillars for galactic 2e
A playbook of spies, saboteurs, and the heroes working behind enemy lines.
A Galactic 2E playbook for morally ambiguous academics
A playbook for Galactic 2e
Custom Pillars & Playbook for Galactic 2e by Riley Rethal
A Role and Pillar about running from your secret, violent past, and eventually facing it, for Galactic 2e
An anti-hero playbook for the galactic universe
A pillar for to inject the vast and unknowable natural world into your game. For Riley Rethal's Galactic 2e
Two supplemental playbooks for Galactic 2e
A galactic 2e playbook for scheming and power
A Galactic 2E playbook for playing a clone, a droid, or a reformed stormtrooper.
a playbook for riley rethal's galactic.
A card-driven supplement for focusing on ships in Galactic 2E
A pillar for the many weird and wonderful creatures of the galaxy.
a galactic playbook for the unwanted
A playbook for Riley Rethal's Galactic 2e
Haunted by their past, the survivor runs because they're not sure what else to do. For Riley Rethal's Galactic 2E
A warrior bound by code and clan
an expansion for galactic 2e for cyberpunk stories
the trooper is fighting the good fight.