Submissions open from 2020-03-13 07:00:00 to 2020-04-20 07:00:00
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Atomic Gastronomy

A hacker-assassin shoulders his way through the crowd in the dripping, neon night of some megacity. He sits down on a stool at the counter of a noodle vendor. Raises a finger of his cybernetic hand, and orders a bowl.

A woman in a white hazmat suit walks on a catwalk above giant vats, circulating some strange, pinkish substance. She pulls out a clipboard. Writes something down. The logo on the front of the suit reads Second Harvest New-Trition: Meat Without Deceit.

A beat up pick up truck hurtles around a corner, tires squealing. The driver guns the accelerator. Behind them are the sound of sirens. One of the crates filling the truck’s bed is jarred to the side, and comes open, spilling bright red tomatoes down the side of the highway.

Sensory Analysis

From extruded textured protein patties to krill steaks, from nanite-assembled burgers to bootlegged produce, there are no limits to the future of food.

This jam is for creating table top RPGs or RPG materials around what, and why, and how people eat.

Dietary Guidelines

  • Make a table top RPG, hack an existing game, write a supplement for something. Whatever you like as long as it’s analog.
  • Food, specifically future food, needs to be an important part of whatever you make. 
  • “The Future “ is whenever you want it to be. A thousand years from now, next week, 2075 in an alternate timeline? Go for it.
  • “Food” is also what you make it. Do entities eat it for survival or pleasure? Then it’s food.
  • Get weird. After all, the current reality of food is already weird enough.