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Welcome to Fuse Jam #4!

For the past 3 years we've had in-person Fuse Jams in Bristol, and this year we were sad that we might not get to run one, so here we are online! 

The jam will begin at 10AM GMT 5th December, when the theme will be revealed, and will end at 1PM GMT13th December. We will also have a group call on Discord for anyone who would like to attend after the jam closes for a show and tell of the games you have made, at 2PM GMT 13th December :)

We have a discord server available for anyone who would like to join:
This may be a useful space for you and your team to chat online and discuss your game, as well as share your progress and see what other teams are up to.

Please watch this video for an introduction to the theme and a link to where you can receive your personal theme for the jam :)

In Fuse Jam every team has a unique theme, which is comprised of two separate things merged together. Take a look at our previous jams to see how this works! Fuse Jam 1, Fuse Jam 2, Fuse Jam 3

(If the video doesn't work for you, the link it gives you to follow at the end is )


  • Teams can be any size, including solo, but from experience we find that more than 5 people can get difficult to organise in such a short time period
  • Jam submissions are non-ranked, so experiment and try out new things to your heart's desire! A game does not need to be 'finished' to be entered, and you should feel free to enter concepts and ideas if you don't create something playable
  • Any type of game can be made - physical, digital, board game etc.

Good luck! 

Have fun!

Take lots of breaks!



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A Romantic 2D Helicopter Simulator
Can't please everyone? Challenge accepted.
A typing game FOR DRAGONS
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A tiny Twine chat
Interactive Fiction
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Simple demo about crying into the sea...
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Keep the candle lit and the ghosts at bay!
A game about fear of starting
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