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A friendly and inclusive game jam that aims to grow the game development scene in Bristol and give experienced developers as well as newcomers a chance to work together. Besides making games we will also have social activities you can participate in to get to know the other jammers!

You can make both video games and board games along with anything in between, and beyond! If you don’t have a lot of experience with game development board games is a great way to learn about game design. Each group will get their own theme to foster as much diversity in the games created as possible.


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Heal a tough worm with worm flu using your alien botany skills.
a Fusejam2019 game
Interactive Fiction
Created for Fuse Jam, details to follow
Submission for Fuse Jam 2019
Explore a world of precarious structures and hidden secrets using a magnetic shared shoelace
A simple board game about uncovering symbols carved into ancient rock terraces