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Welcome to the FIRST EVER Funny Jam! Hello, my name is Funnyguy77 and I am a livestreamer who streams GameDev. I figured I would make a game jam because some people have been asking for it! So, here you go! This Jams theme is MLG. MLG could mean anything, maybe you like the letters MLG or you like mountain dew and Doritos. Anyways, I'm not 100% sure what to write here. So, I would encourage you to stream you making your game on feel free to stop by my stream and let me know how your game is coming along. Thank you for considering to enter the Jam!

My Twitch Channel:

Submissions will be played and judged Friday 8-12-2016


1. MUST be made 100% for the jam. This means NO PREVIOUS WORK ALLOWED!

2. Assets that you purchase and or find are allowed. *Please make sure you own the rights or that the asset it open to the public*

3. Do not take other peoples games and post them here.

4. You may use ALL engines. *Custom engines are allowed also*

5. Have fun!


Special thanks to Rug46 for making the Funny Jam image!

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Its Mario but more MLG
The Game You Never Asked For!