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Welcome, one and all, to your very best nightmare, unlike any other! You will face dire obstacles, maybe even dire wolves, surely putting you in dire straits! But, do not fear, for although some of you may perish, the others will surely live and prosper! They will find, in the end, that the villager's life wasn't for them anyway! At that moment, that very instance, they will become... ADVENTURERS!

Hello! I hope you enjoy your stay at the wondrous FUNNEL JAM! A "funnel" is a type of tabletop roleplaying adventure that gives each player (generally) multiple characters who are very fragile, and must use their wits to overcome danger and get the loot! More often than not, these characters are rural villagers, who have rarely seen any sort of magic or even held a sword long enough to swing it.

There are two types of submissions in this jam: Adventures and Supplements. A submission may be both (as in be a supplement but also include an adventure), but cannot be anything other than either of those two. An adventure, as I'm sure you're aware, is a written text that guides the GM to run a game for their group of players using the predefined (although not always linear) story of the adventure. A supplement, while not always supplementing something (like a standalone RPG about funnels), is a game text that gives rules and/or procedure for the GM/Players to participate in the shared experience of a funnel. 

Suggested Games to Use for Adventures:

(Let me know if there are any other games to include that have a funnel mechanic!)

If you want to contact me, the best place to reach me is Discord, in which I am SageDaMage#7515. If you want to talk more in-depth to peers about the jam as you design something, I recommend the New School Revival Discord, of which I frequent.


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Funnel adventures in Cairn
A dungeon exploration game about desperate commoners who have one shot to find fortune
A Depthcrawl Funnel for Cairn RPG
A final move for a dying Funnel character.
Level zero funnel for DCC RPG
What are stunt fighters supposed to do against a sun-killer??
Go tidy up the summer house for the owner, they said. It will be easy, they said...
Ever wanted to just cycle through characters in a burning masacre with Metal Blasting?