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Hey there, welcome to the Fungus TTRPG Jam!

You ever thought about fungi? And how weird they are? Ever wanted to make a game out of those concepts our weird friends present?

You're in luck!

....If you like tabletop roleplaying games!

Go on, make some of any kind! 


  • Nothing offensive, sexist, racist, queerphobic, etc etc. You know the drill!
  • Use the TTRPG Safety Toolkit if you're unsure how to make your work accessible and safe
    • In that vein, provide disclaimers if your work has sensitive topics
  • Please only submit PDFs and/or plaintext version for accessibility! If you're not sure if your work is accessible I recommend using this tool
  • Pricing is encouraged! Get payed for your work dangit!
  • Go wild! If you want to write something that has only to do with fungi in the abstract and weird go ahead and write!

[Insert mushroom pun as an endearing end statement]


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A Guide to the Fungus of the Dying Land
Mycelium is a quick one-page collaborative game where you must all work together to achieve a common goal
an RPG about mi-go for 2–5+ players & 0–5+ GMs ☉ for Fungus TTRPG Jam ☉ based on Stillfleet (sort of)
A single player micro journaling game about a fierce fungus competition
Adventures for nymphs of the earth
A mini-adventure of fungal infection and similar horrors. Compatible with Mörk Borg.
A setting element for Sleepaway
Survive the trails of a world overtaken by fungi.
A lichenous supplement for Troika!
A D&D 5E compliant warlock build themed around creepy fungi.
A TableTopRPG (kinda, maybe it's a larp who knows)
A simple cooperative TTRPG about decay