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                                                                                                       Artwork by LootGodamn!


This is a jam about fun and enjoyment. Don't stress out and have fun in this 72hour jam! With a team or individually.


 The theme is "Negative"


- The game should be adherent to the theme

- The "game" should be only developed within the time frame

-No NSFW stuff

- Everyone MUST have fun!

  Discord Server

You can ask questions and form teams in the discord server below!


Should I be in a team or alone?

As you like! You can even have a whole company if you want

Can I make assets before the Jam?

Yes, as long as they are general purpose and the game is not fully built before the Jam

Does the game have to be FUN?

No, "FUN" is what you'll have from this Jam :)

Can I submit an already finished game?

No, the game should be done during the Jam but it doesn't mean you can't start before it!

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A fast-paced flight sim survival game made in 72 hrs.
Try to survive!
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