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It is easier to imagine an end to the world than an end to capitalism.[1]

Whaaat!? Hold our beers!!! (or tea cups).

Ok. Capitalism (in all its shapes) brings us global warming and environmental destruction, imperialism and wars, inequality and poverty, bullshit jobs and precariat… wait, if you are here you already know all of this. Move on.

The main problem is how capitalism (despite all of the above) reconfigures itself to survive crisis after crisis, shock after shock, til the point that nowadays, nearly half a century after the TINA slogan, there is still a widespread acceptance that there is REALLY no alternative.

So, the issue is AGAIN (and maybe more than ever) on the discourse level. We need to leave behind pessimistic and conformist visions and realize AGAIN that people can fight on a daily basis to end this era of rich and powerful ruling us with greed and fear.

So, yes! We have to keep fighting in new and creative ways. THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE.

This jam is for you who thinks that any alternative to capitalism will automatically send our society into chaos, fire, and destruction. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, all the chaos, fire, and destruction worldwide is mainly caused by the greed and fear that capitalism encourages.

This jam is also for you (and us!), who feel that things aren't working, and those who know little or nothing about anti-capitalism but still want to provoke a change and learn in the process.

And above all, this jam is for you, who strongly identifies or already belongs to anti-capitalist movements. We need your ideas, your experience and your passion!

Whoever you are, if you don't want to make a game, you can still contribute by playing some or even creating non-interactive stuff (see below).

Thank you so much everybody for taking part!

Haha! You may think: Are you joking? How can I change things by making games while eating potato chips on my sofa?.


As we said, an essential part of this fight (if not the most) is ALWAYS on the discourse level. The best narrative wins.

Games are also fun (or playfulness in its broadest sense) and are one of the best mechanisms to spread new ideas.

And you, our beloved game creator, are among the smartest people in the world communicating ideas through fun.

So, lets make games to fight capitalism!!!

Ok. You may think: Wait a second! Why limit this jam to interactive content only? Jams are not exclusive to games and there are lots of people like ME that dont want to make a game but also want to take part!.

So fucking YESSS. Illustratorscomic artistswriterspoetsmusiciansthis jam is ALSO for you!

The best of all is that is cleverly designed to host this kind of projects. Just be sure to select the appropriate classification (albums & soundtracks, comics, books or other) in the What are you uploading? field.

So, lets make ***ANY KIND*** of art to fight capitalism!!!

No theme. Well, the theme is FUCK CAPITALISM in all its glory.

Submit a videogame, a digital narrative experience, an ezine, an interactive meme, a board game, a comic, a children's picture book, a poem, an anthemposters or stickers, make playful hardware or whatever you want ***BUT*** include on it a high dose of sharp criticism, hurtful satire, documented atrocitiespure rage, awesome alternatives and/or day to day tricks to fight against rampant capitalism in creative ways.

We are convinced that sharing personal and touching experiences are more powerful for the purpose of this jam than brainy academic essays, but both are welcome.

We can't wait to see what comes out of your genius radical minds!

  • Please stick to the no-theme.
  • Since you already know the no-theme, you can start thinking about it and/or making drafts/prototypes, but your project must be published on during the jam dates.
  • No ratings after the jam, only powerful ideas that will last forever on
  • Use English, Spanish, Hindi, Gaelic, or whatever language you want.
  • Use whatever artist tools or game engines you want (we won't get fussy about this).
  • Give credit appropriately if you use third-party assets.

But a very important one. Please, be kind to everybody participating in the jam and never forget were all in the same boat. Dont insult other people's projects because you consider them wrong, naive, out of your vision, or whatever. Constructive discussions, please. The same for external communication channels, if any (see "Locations" below). We are trying to create something hopeful here, please don't destroy it by being an asshole.

We've already started contacting streamers to enjoy your submissions from the 1st of July onwards, so a list of wild and reckless people will appear here in the next following weeks.

If youre a streamer and want to take part please add a topic or send us a DM.

Jupiter HadleyKerkDayoScriptCapit獺n YelmoRoc穩o Tom矇veryroundbird BuffChocoboUltra_PancakeHonakiHayden

Be aware that we arent going to manage which streamers experience which projects. They will be free to choose the ones they like the most or to change their mind and not play/read/listen anything.

We believe in the power of self-organized societies so we're not coordinating any in-person or online locations to allow interaction between teams. However, feel free to do it yourselves, and if you want to put a link here for more people to join, please add a topic or send us a DM.


If you're an indie studio or a non-profit entity and want to appear here showing your support for the jam with your name and a link to your website, please add a topic or send us a DM. It means a lot!

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Can I start thinking about my project and/or making drafts/prototypes before the start date?
Yes, you can. But (as we said) don't forget that the project must be published on during the jam dates.

Do you (the organizers) belong to any anti-capitalist movement?
We're just people worried about the current status quo and want to use our creative force to make capitalism cry (a little bit).

Can I submit a paid game?
No. This doesn't make any sense in this jam or any other. If you want to charge for your game in the future, we ask you to remove your submission.

More FAQs to come. You can add a topic or send us a DM for any question, comment or suggestion.

The organizers are not responsible for the content submitted to this jam or anything happening out of our control. Nevertheless, well try to do our best to resolve any issue that may occur.

Thanks to C&C for proofreading and contributing to this text. 

We hope one day this jam will become obsolete. Until then, thank you everybody for keep eroding capitalism.

Keep it up! 

[1] The quotation, attributed to both Fredric Jameson and Slavoj 鬚i鱉ek, has been extracted from "Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?" by Mark Fisher. The book investigates the effects of neoliberal ideology on popular culture, work, education, and mental health in contemporary society and the widespread acceptance that there is no alternative to capitalism. A must-read!