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FT_GAMEJAM(1) 42 Student-Run Events Manual FT_GAMEJAM(1)


ft_gamejam -- create the best games possible in a short amount of time


Standard industry events library (libevent, -levent)


#include "libft.h"


ft_gamejam(int time, dev_t * dev_team);


The ft_gamejam() function allocates sufficient time for a developer or team of developers dev_team to create a game and submit it. The game may be subsequently developed further as an argument in function free_time(1).

If insufficient time is allocated, the developer returns NULL.

If ft_gamejam returns game, game is added to array sorted by function peer_vote(1). If final index of game is less than or equal to 4, then game is sent to Facebook where developer dev_team has chance of setting its on_instant_games_platform flag set to 1.

Default value for time is set to 7 days.


  • Games for this jam must be created with WebGL or an WebGL-compatible engine/framework.
  • Games for this jam must be in 10:16 or 9:16 (portrait) resolution.
  • Games for this jam can only be controlled with the mouse and cursor keys on computer or touchscreen and accelerometer tilting in mobile.
  • Games must have some sort of score-tallying system.
  • Games must be easily playable in 5 - 15 minute intervals.
  • All assets in submitted games must have proper attribution and permission from owner if not created by game developers.
  • Total game size must not exceed 500 MB.
  • Content of game must be appropriate for all ages.


Games will be judged by the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 5. In order of importance:

  • FUN FACTOR -- Is the game is fun to play?
  • REPLAYABILITY -- Is the game still fun after multiple sessions?
  • ACCESSIBILITY -- Are the game's controls easy to understand?
  • ORIGINALITY -- How unique is the game's concept or gameplay?
  • POLISH -- Does the game look and sound like a professional game?


The ft_gamejam() function first appeared on in February 20, 2017.

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Endless Runner
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Keep killing the boss until you run out of time.
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