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The 2019  Fall Game Jam is for students in the Game Design program at Fitchburg State University.  Students taking any Game Design classes will participate in the Fall Game Jam from Nov 12-15.

2019 Theme:

  • Games should incorporate or interpret this theme in any way the team sees fit.

Kickoff Meeting:

  • Kickoff will be 9:30 AM, Tuesday, Nov 12 in Conlon 331
  • Game Faculty will be there in person to reveal the theme and answer any questions
  • We encourage everyone to make it, but please don't skip your non-Game classes to attend. 
  • Don't worry if you can't be there at 9:30, we'll share the theme (on, Blackboard, email, Discord, and FB)


  • Teams should consist of 3-6 people, from at least two different academic years (e.g. not all Sophomores)
  • You should be on a team by mid-day on Tuesday, Nov 12 - ideally no later than 2 pm.
  • You can use the Crowdforge tool ( to start creating teams before the jam
    Please sign up with your REAL NAME!
  • You can also find or create teams on the GDSA Discord Server, or in person, around the department, this week or even at the Jam kickoff
  • Bonus Team Diversifiers (High Fives):
    • Your team has members from at least three different years (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
    • work with people you've never met
    • take on an unfamiliar role (i.e. programmer as animator, artist as writer, etc.)


  • The Game Jam theme will be announced at the kickoff meeting on Nov 12, 9:30 AM.
  • Games can be created with ANY tools, digital or analog
  • Unity, Unreal, Scratch, Twine, board game, tabletop RPG, if it's a game, you can make it!


  • Every student taking a Game Design course this semester is expected to participate. This includes all GAME courses, as well as COMM 2003 (History of Interactive Media & Games)
  • Participation in the Fall Game Jam may contribute to your course grade.
  • Plan to spend at least 9 hours on the game jam for each Game Design class you are taking this semester - but you may spend much more!
  • Game Design students not taking a Game class are invited, but not required, to participate
  • Participating students will write a short reflective written assignment about their experience.
  • Please do NOT skip your non-Game classes to participate in the Jam. Your LAS courses are essential to your education!
  • Sorry, you cannot participate in the Jam unless you are a student at Fitchburg State University.
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FSU Game Jam 2019 project
Isolated, terrified, insane. Will you retain your sanity?
Herd Sheebs, Eat Grass
A 3D Sidescroller game where you are beating the love into sad people.
A game for the FSU Game Jelly
Protect your life: Find the enemy!
A game where you make friends with gifts
Role Playing
A collection of two minigames for two to four players.
Find your stocks which blew away while rushing to work; just be careful not to take out grandma!
RoboPopo - Play as a friendly robot dodging food, more food is thrown over time. Survive as long as you can!
Protect Pitbull TTRPG
Role Playing
Dichotomy is a game about anxiety and how it warps how we see people
Play as a student in the middle of an apocalypse at the one and only Fitchburg State University!
spelling and guessing game
Survive in this arcade shooter, just don't shoot your buddy #1!
A game of deception.