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The final knell has tolled. FRONTIER SCUM was released on July 19th, 2022, and that's cause for celebration in the form of a good old fashioned release jam!

Submissions must adhere to the conditions outlined in the FRONTIER SCUM Third-Party License, as well as the following stipulations:

  • Submissions must be entirely in GRAYSCALE! That means no colors other than black, white, and gray!
  • There is no size limit - business card size or poster size, a single page or a ten-pound tome, anything goes.
  • Submissions may be free, PWYW, or paid, whichever you prefer.
  • Submissions can be anything:
    • Adventures!
    • Rule supplements!
    • Hacks!
    • PC backgrounds!
    • Rib tables!
    • Most everything else!
  • When creating your submission, keep in mind the following:
    • FRONTIER SCUM is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game; just as games may draw inspiration from sword and bow times, this game also draws inspiration from gun and hat times. It is not a vehicle with which to propagate the racist, sexist, homophobic, and otherwise bigoted stereotypes and tropes of the Old West or any other era.
    • In other words, there is no reason to make content imitating real-world historical events, places, or people. The Lost Frontier is a fantasy setting in its own right: take advantage of that and come up with something fresh!
  • If you want to make your submission easier for others to find, don't forget to add the "frontier-scum" tag (and put your submission in the "physical games" category)!

Glad to have you along for the ride!


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A quick adventure for FRONTIER SCUM
An escort mission for Frontier Scum
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Throw Dice & Furnish Yer Saloon!
A d66 table of occult weapon sigils / enchantments intended for use in a game with early firearm technology.
Frontier Scum backgrounds you won't want to play
A Pets module for use with Frontier Scum
A module where in the end everyone realizes exactly what's at the end of their gun
A cure all, that cures all!
Torrential rains and howling winds, jagged cliffs and evergreens
A wild cannibal adventure for Frontier Scum
What did you expect would happen when you ate from a strange pot of unidentified beans and meat?
ttrpg adventure for Frontier Scum
Putting the acid into acid western
A pleasure cruise...with DEATH. A quest for Karl Druid's Frontier Scum.
An adventure for Frontier Scum
Frontier names for Frontier Scum
Run in browser
Quickly generate a saloon for Frontier Scum
Various items of power for FRONTIER SCUM
Steal the treasure and meet the Beast. Oh, this is an adventure for Frontier Scum and it may not end well.
Ability Check Alt Rule