Submissions open from 2024-11-30 13:30:00 to 2024-12-07 13:30:00
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*note - actual date still TBA! (The mission start date is not yet known, but it will take place sometime in 2023 )

** Edit #1, probably not 2023 any more, more like 2024 (TBD)

** Edit #2, due to Starship development delays I have moved this to the end of 2024 (with the exact mission date still TBD). This could very well be a 2024 or 2025 event. 


A GameJam that runs in parallel with the mission around the Moon called 'dearMoon' being funded by Yusaku Maezawa, supported by Elon Musk and flying aboard the SpaceX Starship vehicle (currently in development). 

dearMoon crew annoucement 08/12/22: 


This is my project for dearMoon - in the event I'm selected for the crew it will be the first gamejam run from space, and I'll work on the first videogame ever created in space! (note: I'll be running this gamejam regardless of if Im on the crew or not and my own entry wont be voted on)

This gamejam starts the moment the dearMoon Starship launch countdown reaches 0 (ie liftoff) and ends the moment it touches down back on Earth, after flying around the Moon (estimating approximately 5 days overall)

The theme of the gamejam will be 'Our Future in Space'. You can interpret that in any way youd like and create any kind of game from any genre - from a purely scientific educational game to a Zelda-like space adventure, or your own vision for a KSP space exploration simulator! As with any gamejam, this is an oppertunity to get as creative as youd want. The games entered into the gamejam will be judged on criteria detailed below. 

This gamejam is also open to anyone on Earth! From any and all countries! People of all walks of life! All levels of experience! Solo or in teams. 


Game requirements:

For ease of playing and judging, and to make it a safer gamejam, all entries need to be playable in-browser. 

Judging/End Results/Winners: 

The game will be judged by a panel (TBA) and will be based on the following 3 primary criteria: 

Inspiration - How inspiring the game is for our future in space

Education - How well the game teaches you about an important topic (or topics) relevant to our future in space 

Theme Focus - How well the game applies to the theme 'Our Future in Space'