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There are hundreds of beautiful pen and paper RPGs out there. They feature amazing backgrounds, systems and adventures. Works of art that one can hardly overlook. But things do get a bit messy when it comes to actually playing them. You need to:

  • Either order the physical book or get the pdf version and print it yourself (which can often end up with you forgetting to actually do it).
  • Spend days reading the instructions and taking notes.
  • Prepare a session and work on it for a while.
  • Convice your friends to let you try a new game and find a date that works for everybody.

Even if you've overcome these challenges in the past, you need to admit it doesn't happen often. That's why I want to encourage you all to make Fridge RPGs, which is a term I just made up and should probably explain in more detail.

Fridge RPGs are meant to be played during breakfast or while cooking in the kitchen. They're easy and reliable, they're always waiting for you on your fridge door. Some more rules Fridge RPGs should follow:

  • They should take less than 2 pages (so players can pin them on their fridge).
  • GM-less (no need to work to set up a session).
  • Meant for 1 or 2 players.
  • Tell a longer story through several small sessions.

Example of a Fridge RPG.

Let's make a bunch of Fridge RPGs, put them on the fridge and keep them there until we finally decide to play them.


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