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Palestinians are living under Israeli occupation for the last 73 years.
More than 750,000 Palestinians were displaced from their homes in Palestine to live as refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Even with these numbers, the Israeli occupation is still practicing ethnic cleansing against Palestinians to this very day.
This Jam is a stand against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and their routine persecution, subjugation, and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.
It aims to defend Palestinians Human rights who have been regularly violated by Israel's Security Forces and as they get away with war crimes, without repercussion.

You are invited to join us and build games, all during a week to express solidarity with Palestine
On Thursday, June 17th, 2021 - 6 PM Palestine Time (GMT+3)
The goal of these games is to portray the injustice that Palestinians have been going through
Join the Discord to get started

Shed light on the current issues

An entire nation is slowly being erased from existence, in the most horrendous way possible, and it's our duty to give them a voice.
During the event, we will be hosting panels with Palestinians and local activists to discuss the current situation and what is happening on the ground.
The panel's schedule will posted on Discord at a later date.

Get to Know Palestine

To help you learn more about Palestine, its history, culture, and heritage, we gathered some resources from articles to photo references. Self-learning and educating others is key to fighting against injustice.
We’ve fact-checked all resources, to make sure you have trusted information, and use them to build the foundations of your games.
You can find them listed on our Discord.

Keep the Conversation Going

This one of the most pressing issues of the century, let’s not let it become yesterday’s news.
Games are a powerful medium, use them to communicate your ideas, and where you stand.
Help us say that enough is enough.

To participate, or to get more info
join our Discord

Rules and Guidelines

This is an event where we want you to feel safe. With the current situation, it’s very hard to mute down strong emotions. Use your game as a medium for that, and don’t take it out on your fellow participants.
Harassment of other participants on the discord will not be tolerated and will lead to you getting kicked out of the server.
This event is all about Palestine. If you are looking to build a game that has any connotations of Anti-Semitism, racism or any sort of discrimination then you are not welcome here.
You are free to build a game that portrays your perspective and describes any aspect of Palestine and the current conflict. However generic games that have weak relevance to the theme will not be accepted. (i.e. a first-person shooter where you would simply add some countries flags on). This type of game does not help the objective of this jam.
Detailed guidelines can be found on Discord.

The beautiful art pieces used on this page
are courtesy of Irina Naji.
Make sure to check her work
@irina.naji on Instagram


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A short platformer about home.
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Nobody wish to be left behind
a game about some balloons
A short story game with deep meanings
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A Game Made For Raising Awareness On The Situation In Palestine
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A simple interactive wall that tells a story about Israeli Apartheid
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A short project made for the Free Palestine Game Jam about poetry, art and the Separation Wall.
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