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'Orace has nothing in common with another character because this character is red and that was enough back in the early 80's.

'Orace has a problem.  Somebody has started to make copyright claimed against the characters he grew up with in the 80's so he needs the community to re-discover all the lost works he appeared in during the 1980's that never became as famous as his blue rival so that we can remember that creative cultures always borrow and remix existing works and no where was that more evident than in the early commercial titles for 8 bit home systems.

Create a new work of art (game, fan art, music, video, anything) in the style of something that could have existed in the 80's for any media or device you are comfortable with.  Celebrate the fact that back then even original games where 'inspired' by other creations and as long as your character had legs and wasn't yellow you looked completely original compared to the other clones of existing games.

Use 'Orace in your media in whatever form you like or don't, it's completely up to you. 

Spend the rest of the year having fun and remembering what it was like in the good old days and how refreshing it was when new people entered the retro scene only to have their contributions invalidated by people who forget their entire business model is reliant on people like that to succeed.  #OraceJam2019 #IStandWithOctavius