This jam is now over. It ran from 2023-04-17 14:00:00 to 2023-05-01 14:00:00. View 33 entries

hi! The jam is over, and now the zine is live.

Use Twitter or Masto hashing #fourcolorartjam or tag "four color art jam" on Cohost. Scroll down for questions and answers.

What would you do with just four colors? All kinds of visual work is welcome, whether static art or animations or games or otherwise. Surprise me! The goal is to really be able to see that all the works are unified by the colors, and then to appreciate how different people's taste and style and technique all are.

Please use the hex values so different displays are able to get the same unified effect. Also, please don't make art that depicts anything illegal. Otherwise, there are really no rules. The hex values are #fe6f61, #5f4c8b, #88b24b, and #f7cac8. I've chosen them from a place you might recognize -- don't mention it :)

These things are obvious enough to me that I don't even think they count as separate rules, but please don't submit anything with racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or any other form of hatred. I'll delete it.

If you have questions or thoughts, let me know in the Community tab, or message me wherever you can find me. I do make art, but I'm not primarily an artist, and I'm nowhere near as skilled as many folks on here. Folks of all levels of experience or development are very very welcome.

This could not be less of a contest. It's a celebration.


q: Can I blend the colors?
a: Yes! Use your own judgment. I'd still like to see the four main colors pretty clearly, but also you're the boss and the goal is to make art and have fun.

q: When I eyedrop, I get slightly different hex values.
a: I'd love if you used the ones I provided, but also, I'm not a cop. Close enough!

q: What do I do if I'm color blind?
a: Thank you so much to the person who asked about this!! I'd love if you chose three of the four colors, if that works for you. Or please feel free to saturate or shift the colors into values that work better for you, too. Having a fun, accessible time during the jam is more important than adhering religiously to anything.

q: Is it four colours on a white ground?
a: In addition to the four colors, white, black, and transparent backgrounds are all fine. Please don't use shades of gray.

q: Is art depicting nudity okay?
a: Absolutely! The only rule is no illegal stuff, so everyone depicted has to be adults. If you have an idea you're not sure about, I'd love to talk it over with you.

q: Can I use traditional media? Are watery versions of the colors okay?
a: I love traditional media, and please go ahead.

q: Is there a Discord?
a: I'm just a person, and this jam lasts a week, so I don't have a Discord set up for it. But please use the Community tab! I'd love to see people in there sharing their questions or thoughts.

q: Is there a theme?
a: The colors are kind of the theme! So there's no additional requirements or themes for subject matter or anything, as long as you follow the very minimal rules above.

q: I can make a game, right? Or is it just art?
a: Games are very welcome! You can make literally anything. Let the colors inspire you and be part of what you make: art, animation, video games, graphic design or layout, tabletop games . . . ?

q: Can I use black or white text in my game?
a: Absolutely! Please make your text as readable as possible.

q: Will there be more jams like this?
a: I think so, depending on how this one goes. If you have ideas, let me know. I also have ideas.


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