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Surprise game jam! We've teamed up with UAT and Clique to bring you the Founders Game Jam! It's UAT's Founders Day, so what better way to celebrate than jamming out some awesome games?

We usually don't like to announce the prizes ahead of time, but this one is epic! The awesome team at Clique is hooking us up with an Indiecade package. That means the winning team gets round trip airline tickets to LA, a weekend stay in an awesome Airbnb house, and of course, free Indiecade passes! Yes - we are totally serious!

Noobs and veterans alike, come on out and jam! We kick things off at 6PM on Friday, September 23.


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Find each other in a beautifully strange alternate dimensions using your voice.
Co-op rhythm game!
Play in browser
Seeking out new life and new civilizations -- without dying in the process.
Loot some gold and scoot on out of there!
You herd me! Command your sheep with just your voice to get to the top of the Sheep Fight Club.
Communicate to break the code, but beware a spy is among you trying to stop you
HTC Vive, Voice Control Survival Arcade Game