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What is For Truth's Sake?

For Truth's Sake is a solo-journaling game designed by an anthropology student to mimic the way anthropologists do their research. You play as a researcher entering a new community for the first time. You have trust points as a way to move about the community and the people you speak to and the places you go are determined by a roll of the dice. The questions you ask are determined by a standard deck of cards. 

What is the For Truth's Sake: A Game Jam?

This game jam is a way for people to explore the SRD of this game and the settings. This jam encourages people to take a deep dive into the SRD and make their own settings.

What Goes Into Making a Setting

In each setting there's an NPC table, Event table, and Location table. Of course, there are your settings! So you can make more tables if you like/add other variants! I would love to see all kinds of different things and to see people get creative with it. 

First, you have to choose your setting! Which is the most important part, then all of the tables and getting creative can come after. 


For Truth's Sake SRD

Existing For Truth's Sake Settings

Where You Can Contact the Creator (i can also be emailed at


You can price your content how you see fit. You're encouraged to charge for your hard work! But feel free to use the Pay What You Want model. 


For Truth's Sake SRD and separate For Truth's Sake settings published by H. Moon are licensed under the ORC License available online at various locations including All warranties are disclaimed as set forth therein. The following elements are owned by the Licensor and would otherwise constitute Reserved Material and are hereby designated as Licensed Material: their individual setting.

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write an ethnography about a town where the sun never sets
write an ethnography of a magical jewish shtetl