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An analogue game jam on folklore (including myths, urban legends, etc.) from one's own culture. 

(Deadline extended to the end of September.)


  1. Write an analogue game that incorporates elements from a folklore of your own culture.
    1. An analogue game is a game that can be played in physical space (but with the advance of technology, can also be played online), such as tabletop role-playing game, LARP and board game.
    2. Folklore, myths, urban legends are all allowed. It doesn't have to be a popular folklore; it can be the story of an old tree that only you and your friends know about.
    3. Said folklore should be from a culture you are a part of.
  2.  Old games are allowed, as long as they are made in 2020, or updated this year.
    1. Revisit your old games and see what you can learn/improve from it.
    2. The update can be trivial, such as fixing typos.
  3. Have fun!
    1. Don't push yourself too hard. Take regular breaks and stay hydrated!


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a 1-page racing game with fairies and corgis
A fantasy golf dice game about escaping from Golf Hell through victory in a demonic golf tournament.
A tiny little system for playing heisting tricksters
Play as kids and tell the story of how your year unfolds after you've been visited by a divine spirit. #FolkloreJam
A solo game where you play as a paranormal investigator staying 13 nights at a haunted bed and breakfast.
A Chinese Mythology Role-playing Game
A game of life interrupted. By Garfield, specifically.
A Shared Narrative where you Safe the Island today or tomorrow, or the day after .. doesn't matter - it's always Today!
A role-playing game about protecting your community and punishing the wicked
A roleplaying game of folk ballads and justice
A game of magic, mystery, and community
a storytelling game based on indian folklore
In this kid-friendly roleplaying game, help Draculola make the spoopy realm of Zitterstein a better place.
a tiny, campy game about cortaditos, cocaine, and cryptids.
A #FolkloreJam Game about sharing dreams, and the consequences
You have been poisoned by a spiteful fae. A Tabletop Game for 1-4 Players
A storytelling game for two to five players going for a walk in the outdoors.
A Treasure Hunt to be undertaken in strictest Silence and Solitude, for a Single Player
A Belonging Outside Belonging game in the fantastical Scandinavian woods
A demonic bestiary for Small Town Gothic, A Tabletop Adventure Game
A collaborative storytelling game about the things that live on the edge of town...
A storytelling game about the year in the life of a small, farming community, as told to the town's bees.
a small 1-player game about mapping a town that meant something to you
a #wscajam game about Mythical Irish Heroes and Folklore
A short game of small creatures and small comforts
A Shared Narrative for 2 players about Transformations and Magical Girls
a collection of folklore games
storytelling is how we preserve our history
An intimate Partner Game
Whenever A Branch Falls From The Old Oak Tree. One Of Your Family Will Die.
A Descended From the Queen game about a ghost of uncertain character
A game about people who flee to nature to deal with their trauma
A 2-player storytelling card game about desire and transgression, made for the 2020 Folklore Game Jam.
A Descended from the Queen game about the haunted backroads.
A zine about how to play a card game with a dying grandmother.
A GMless game about exploring an old Canadian PSA
A bookmark-sized character creator based on Korean folk culture.
A solo journaling game for naughty children
A Story Game About Cleaning Out Your Basement
A Maltese solo storygen TTRPG of survival and escape from a world deep underground.
Explore your neighbourhood while helping to re-home a ghostly dog.
An active 2-player game inspired by Korean folklore.
A two-person RPG about resistance, pipelines, and Appalachia.
A game about tradition and its legacy
A Story of Letting Go
Two-player storytelling game about overprotective ghosts.
A Lovecraftesque scenario based on a Korean folktale.
Welcome to Chicago, Hallowe'en 1913. Can you sneak into Hull House and prove that the rumored Devil Baby is real?
Waterfall dwelling spider farmers with a taste for human flesh
A storytelling roleplaying game set in a more magical version of the modern world.
A one-page RPG about dealing with the Devil
a game about what counts as folklore and what people remember about the past
A ranked-dice stealth & exploration game set on a miniature scale.
A story game of talking animals, trains, and the secrets we hide.
a beachcombing memory game for one player
A card-based party game about hunting Bigfoot!
Hunting the Hodag is a survival horror narrative based storytelling game.
a 2-player game about strained and dramatic reunions.
A love-touch larp about butterflies and buoyancy
A game representing Cornish Knockers found in mines (Card Game)
A Bylina for Three Players
A #folklorejam2020 romp through the mythic Blue Mountains
A game of moose-like determination & attention-seeking behavior.
In development
Folkloric creatures adjusting to human life