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We're all good at something, but bad at more things. Well This is a chance to finally start a project with a focus on something you are NOT good at (or want to be better at). This Jam is not necessarily so you end up with something "good" or "cool"  in a week, but to come out with just a bit more experience where we need it most! 

It's the journey!



What to Focus Your Game On:

    *Focus1:    Animation 


    *Focus 2 :    Music/Sound 

(Check out this community post for a lot of good tips and tutorials)

Optional Themes:

  *Theme1:    Layered


  *Theme2:    8 or 16 - bit

The suggested Focuses are ideally what you "focus" most on when making your game (code, art, animation, music/sound, story) Do what you feel you need improvement on.

The Themes are like other game jams, optional ideas to mold your game off of based on however you interpret them.


- Just try to stick to 1 of the Focus suggestions, but if you wanna take time to improve on something else please do so. 

- Make the content during the jam only, use assets you and/or your team are licensed to. 

- Follow our NSFW rules below

- Have fun!


How Does this work?

2 Focuses are Randomly chosen before the jam and you can either chose 1 or both, remember the idea is to focus on something you're not as good at. If you are an expert programmer and the focuses are Coding & Animation, maybe just focus on animation with a more simple game (Like Breakout with 15 sprites of animation when a brick is destroyed!)

Also when the jam starts 2 Optional Themes are randomly chosen which can be seen as sort of a subset of a focus, like Handcrafted (Typically seen as art, handmade & recorded sounds/music, crafting mechanics), 8or16-bit (Usually interpreted as art, music, animation, just about everything). This is just meant as a little extra inspiration if needed. If you do art as a focus, 8or16-bit might help you decide the style more easily, or if you do Coding and get Generation as a theme you can try to focus on procedural generation.

Focuses (2 will be chosen - You pick between the chosen 2 or both):

- Coding (Focus typically seen as mechanics, but that is up to you)

 - Art

 - Animation

- Music/Sound

 - Story/Narrative/Worldbuilding 

(You can think of Worldbuilding  as kinda like how Dark Souls, or Hyper Light Drifter (and many more) do "Story", for anyone who doesn't want to do much writing, but wants  "story/narrative")

Themes (2 will be chosen - You pick between the chosen 2, both, or neither:

- 8or16-bit






-Inspired by...









Are you unlike us mere mortals and you are good at 2 things! And they are the focus!! Just pick something else, we're pretty laid back!


I shouldn't have to explain it, but no nudity, sexual themes, bigotry/hate speech or glorified violence (you know it when you see it), and lets be easy on foul language as we want people of all ages to join and participate! If I missed something and you are not sure... Probably don't include it!

There are no rankings, this is just for fun and hopefully a good excuse to take a week or so and focus on something we can be better at!

Use #BecomeBetterJam on social!

Game Engines:



Unreal Engine 4











Bosca Ceoil 



- Have fun and want to do it more? Maybe a ranked one? Shorter one? Longer one?  Other Focus/Theme ideas? How about a series of 4 weekly jams over a month were you keep the focus, but the themes change ? Let me know and I'll happily do this more!

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