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The Flyover Indies are hosting a Remote Game Jam! The goal of the jam is to create a Zine Game or a Game Zine! Participants will have one week to complete the process!

At Noon on Sunday, May 3rd, the Flyover Indies discord server will open a channel for the jam. There we can brainstorm ideas, find examples together, and get started on our zines! The following Sunday, May 10th, the channel will open again so that we can show off the progress we've made and request feedback if wanted.

The Flyover Indies discord channel:

What is a zine game?

A zine game is a game that can be played with only material that can be easily printed and distributed, with the exception of common game pieces or household objects. Dice, coins, a deck of cards, pens and extra paper are all acceptable components. Essentially, if a player can enjoy your game after reading the zine and collecting a few things, then its a zine game!

What is a game zine? 

A comic about enjoying a game. A comic about an existing game. An article about a game. If it has to do with games, and its a zine, then as far as this jam is concerned, its a game zine!

Submissions: If you'd like to submit your games to itch, anything from a nice PDF to a cruddy cell phone picture of your game will do!  FAQ:

Q: I don't live in Kansas City, can I still participate?

A: Absolutely!

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A game about finding and taming fantastic creatures
A sea-faring adventure game played with a compass.
​A little zine on the cool games from Flyover Indie members for Ludum Dare 46.​
A submarine cat-and-mouse style print and play game!