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(sung to the tune of the Flying Toasters Anthem)

Flying back twenty years
So calm and easy on the eyes
Revive a genre to your cheers
Now Flying Toast With Jam will rise!

And it's Code! Code! Code!

Code like you've never seen
It's neither flim nor flam
We pop up to save your screen
For Flying Toast With Jam!

Welcome to Flying Toast With Jam, the screensaver jam!

In this jam, participants will create homages to the old-school screensavers that rescued so many CRT monitors from image burn-in. The screensavers of yore were effectively a design playground, frequently containing esoteric and surreal art with no purpose but to intrigue and distract. It's an aesthetic that is still used today, but rarely with the open-ended, infinite intent of screensavers. This jam intends to bring that back!

If you need inspiration, Bryan Braun created this CSS-driven After Dark homage so you can experience the screensavers of yesterday ... today!


  1. Your entry must be autonomous; a user leaving it alone should be able to see most if not all of its content.
  2. Your entry must run indefinitely until stopped by the user.
  3. User input is allowed but should not be the focus.
  4. Your entry doesn't have to be a 'real' screensaver: Any game format is ok! If you can make an auto-text Twine game that runs forever, it qualifies!
  5. This is an all-audiences jam. If your game has adult or potentially objectionable content, you must include content warnings on your game page. Games that don't do this will be disqualified.
  6. This jam is ranked, but This jam isn't ranked. There are no prizes and everybody who makes a game is a winner. Thank you for creating.

Questions? Resources? Know how to actually convert html5 to a screensaver format? Hit me up on twitter.

About the jam and jamperson: Hi, I'm Caelyn Sandel, aka @inurashii and I love making games and jams (#RuinJam was my first)! I was inspired to create this jam by a conversation between The Porpentine and Lilith that I rudely butted into. I think that everyone should make games about whatever they want. You can find my writing and games at, and if you like them please consider contributing to my Patreon.


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Lone Knight, a little contemplative game created by two brothers.
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Drive and relax
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Walk forever in a misty forest
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tropical screensaver
automatic cube solving. nice to look at
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a screensaver with particles
a simple, abstract, screensaver clock thingie
Browses TV Tropes So You Don't Have To
Sine waves are cool
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cloud screen saver for flying toast with jam.
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A screensaver with toy lizards
the Affirming App
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a peaceful, non-interactive swimming sim
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an homage to screensavers of yore
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