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A MAZE. organizes a game jam in Pristina, Kosovo during Doku:tech.

This jam invites everybody to join and create playable prototypes. This jam brings together professionals and starters and is mentored by game developers and artists, Franziska Zeiner, Marek Plichta and Thorsten S. Wiedemann. Goal of this jam is to foster the local community to meet new people who are interested in creating games.

The game jam theme orientates around the Doku:tech festival topic FLIP THE SCRIPT.  (Read details about the topic below) 


Jam location: 
M Club - Directions, 10000 Pristina

Date: June 8, 2018
Start: 10:30
End: 18:30

Public presentation: 18:30 - 19:30



Link (via LudumDare):


For any questions please get in contact with the organisation team of Doku:tech :

We are looking forward to make some games with you. 


Your A MAZE. team



DOKU:TECH 2018 - Flip the Script

Influential American design magazine, Fast Company, recently published a article warning of the dangers of what they call the "Cult of Human Centered Design". The authors argue, that if followed blindly and left unchecked, the cult of designing for the individual can have disastrous long-term consequences. For example, “a platform designed to connect people becomes an addictive echo chamber with historic consequences(Facebook).”

Theories will certainly continue to be debated but the article points to a critical skill for the 21st Century or shall we say gift: the ability to flip perspectives. Being able to leave the comfortable nest of our social habits and routines, common knowledge and "common sense" and to observe the world and others from different and weird angles and perspectives. To move beyond asking only, “How might we? But also...At what cost and to whom?”.

This skill may provide us with solutions for the problems we do not yet see. Flipping perspective is never more critical in our time when people, politicians and business leaders are obsessed with the future and solutions to the challenges facing humanity. The solution for one may not be a solution other the many or even for another. The skill that allows you to read between lines, to read upside down and diagonally, to use intuition might be the key advantage in the age of data fetishization. 

As Henry Ford is reported to have once said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Rather than becoming a horse breeder Henry Ford had a vision for how to apply the innovations of the assembly line to the mass production of cars which brought cars to the mass market. He flipped his perspective and saw an opportunity to revolutionize how cars were produced. Where his skills did not go far enough was in testing his vision against what his customers wanted after they bought their first cars. General Motors beat him to that.

Do you have the skills needed to flip perspectives? Are you a Scout - searching out new viewpoints? Or a Soldier - defending your vision? Are you looking for inspiration to flip perspectives? “Do you yearn to defend your own beliefs or do you yearn to see the world as clearly as you possibly can?" Check out an episode of Invisibilia - Flip the Script where “someone does the opposite of what their natural instinct is – and in this way, transforms a situation.”

DOKU:TECH 2018 is bringing you a diverse selection of perspective flippers: people from all over the world whose ability to see things differently, envision new worlds and test that vision against reality enables them to make real changes at the intersections of technology and society, culture, media and economy. 

In Prishtina we will talk about their work, their motivation, ways to flip perspective and about the vision for change in the Balkans.


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