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FIST is a paranormal mercenary roleplaying game, inspired by pulp fiction, classic video games, and action movies, designed to be simple to play and easy to modify.  In the game, you portray a tight-knit unit of larger-than-life characters shunned by society, forced to survive as soldiers of fortune, possibly able to walk on walls, control insects with their mind, defuse bombs while tightrope walking, and so on - it's fun!

It's been out for over two years now, but there's never been a game jam for it - kept you waiting, huh? Your mission for this jam is simple: from May 2nd to June 6th, make something compatible with FIST!

It might be:

  • Custom traits, roles, or other game mechanics
  • Adventure modules, enemy databases, weapons and items, random tables, etc.
  • Referee tools, safety tools, narrative wireframes, etc.
  • System agnostic (it doesn't necessarily have to use FIST's mechanics - if you can play it with FIST, it can be in the jam!)
  • Not a game at all - art, fiction, etc. are all welcome

If you don't have the game, you are still welcome to join! More community copies will be added for the jam, so please grab one if you're not able to spare $5!


  • No violent, hateful, or bigoted content will be tolerated. 
  • Please keep your entry free for the duration of the jam and voting period so everyone can see it.
  • After the jam, whatever you make is yours to sell - you can charge for anything you make that's compatible with FIST, you don't need permission. FIST is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

You can get the game here: Community copies are available for the jam. Also, if you bought the BLM or Ukraine bundles run by, you already have FIST!

FIST's official Discord server is here:

FIST compatibility mark can be downloaded here (thanks to TheMOCingbird and @LoneArchivist!):


After the jam is over, everyone who entered will be able to vote for their favorite entry. This voting period lasts from June 6th to June 13th.

The winner of the jam will receive a physical copy of FIST courtesy of Exalted Funeral,  and a pair of laser sight dice which show dual silver pistols on a critical hit, created by independent dice maker King Zombie!

Every jam participant will get a free PDF copy of our upcoming campaign kit for FIST, titled MANDELBROT SET. The campaign kit isn't done yet, but it'll be released when the jam concludes on 6/6 (hopefully)!

Good luck everyone!


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A framework faction for FIST
A minor faction for FIST and a ruleset for swarms of enemies.
A bloody, dismal scenario for FIST
A haunted mission for FIST
Perilious transport options for the FIST RPG.
A one-shot, one-room adventure.
The monsters come ! Adds powers and esoteric weapons to your FIST campaigns.
A character generator for the tabletop RPG FIST, made with Perchance.
Run in browser
Warning Order #1: A FISTful of Tables
A basebuilding strategy layer for FIST.
A super-spy acid trip RPG
A supplement for FIST, new traits, personal 'quirks,' mission prompts, death and resurrections for a COST
A selection of threats (mostly extra-terrestrial in nature) for FIST.
a campaign framework for F.I.S.T.
Adds pre-mission options, new Roles and Traits (including playable animals), and Complications to earn WAR DIE for FIST.
Psychological Operations-based antagonist faction expansion for Claymore's FIST
Mercenaries disguised as kids on bikes? Stranger things have happened.
FIST compatibility mark and template
A short trait supplement for FIST.
A supplement for FIST by CLAYMORE. Developed for the 2022 FIST: JAM OPS event.
A FIST weapon expansion
Investigation rules & options for use with the FIST: Freelance Infantry Strike Team role-playing game.
New traits for the tabletop game FIST by B. Everett Dutton
The "Paranormal A-Team" faces off against government sanctioned undead
Fist One Page Mission
Role Playing
Adds new trait for TTRPG game FIST
An index card-sized Character Keeper for FIST.
We choose to go to the Moon, not because it is easy, but because it is haunted.
A collection of voices of characters by Tigran Bleyan
A book of 5 "Unsecured Dangerous Objects" to use with FIST
Rules for slower play that hopefully make the game more approachable
::: secure package ::: do not reveal FIST involvement
An 8-bit analog adventure cartridge for FIST.