Submission open from 2017-07-04 05:00:00 to 2017-09-22 05:00:00
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"Hey, can I go fishing?"



"I'm being serious, I watched some BluTube videos so I'm good."

"AH HA HA SURE. You can go fishing."



"Can I borrow your fishing stuff? It's old and you never use it."

"Hm? Oh, sure, go ahead, knock yourself out!"


"Have fun."

The goal: Make a fishing game. Bonus points if the game has conversations, lots of narrative, and as nonviolent and positive as it can be. The game should also be slightly on the weird side. Weird like Mother 3, Phantasmaburbia, Burly Men At Sea. The game can ALSO be about electronic "fishing".

If you make a game that has fishing in it, it is a valid entry as well. With the qualifier being the player must be given the option to fish.


  • Don't be mean.
  • Don't submit games not finished for this jam*.
  • Please consider making the games open source afterwards.
  • Please mark games with adult content as NSFW.
  • *If you participated in the first cyberpunk jam and would like to make a sequel to or improve upon that game, you may do so.
  • *Barring the above rule, please use mostly original content that belongs to you.
  • If you lack the talent to create assets, you may use assets you did not create according to their individual licenses. Not everything needs to be made from scratch. This is not ludum dare, cheat your pants off.
  • Please consider making any or all characters, including mains, a minority.
  • Please only submit "games" and "not games" in a usable state.


Please only submit "games and "not games" in a usable or playable state. Do not submit other forms of media or non- "games" and "not games". DO NOT submit experiences that are currently undergoing a type of crowdfunding.