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So it's a game jam... but all games must feature fish PROMINENTLY. I'm not talking no background fish tank fish, I'm talking fish as the main character type-a stuff. Y’know? I don't care how you do it, whether it's an arcade game, RPG, sport game, etc whatever. All I care about is the fish. FishFest is a super welcoming game jam, whether you're a seasoned swimmer or a small fry in the world of fish-related video games. We're all here to have some good old fish-fun! :>

The winner will get a very well drawn fish trophy with their name on it that I will draw all on my own :) (if you want examples of my professional work just look at this page)

So a little while ago I got an email from Humble Bundle about some sort of "Fan Fest" game bundle. I misread it as saying "Fish Fest" and was actually really excited to purchase a bundle of fish related games. I'm sure you can imagine my dismay when none of the games in the bundle featured fish in any capacity whatsoever. After such a devastating moment I decided my only option was to create a game jam, in the hope that someone would be willing to provide an interactive fish experience like no other.

  • Your game MUST feature FISH.
  • Don't start your game until the submission week.
  • No discrimination of any kind, fish don't support that kind of stuff.
  • No nsfw content either. There's kids here!
  • Use any tools you like! (gbStudio, Godot, Unity, Pico-8, Raylib, etc)
  • Teams of as many or as few as you want, or as we call them, schools, are allowed.
  • You can use any pre-existing assets (asset packs) as long as they weren't made for the jam and you have the proper license for it and you must list pre-existing assets used on submission (no AI art)

Also consider joining my community over at


This jam is the product of PossiblyAxolotl's imagination. If you would like to contact them for any reason feel free to reach out through Discord or by emailing Also feel free to reach out if you miss the submission deadline by a small bit and I will be happy to add you in.

Wanna use any of the page assets for some reason? You can download all of them here: