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Fishing is generally recognized as a relaxing pastime. Have you ever considered it though? What lurks below the calm waters or tumultuous waves? What unspeakable underwater kingdom are you invading with your humble hook and sinker? I want to take something relaxing and see you make it terrifying, charming, experimental. The only goal is fishing. So pull up a spot on the bank or boat and let's see what we drag up in our nets.

What people are saying about Fishing Horror Jam:

"Fuck Yes" - Youtube user Ladyandkidragman

"You should call it: Subnautica" - Deer Dream Studios

"If  done right it could be fucking awesome" - Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur

"I am extremely into this" - "Weird" Al Jolson

"I hope it goes well~! I loved the concept, and I think getting more unconventional horror games is exciting" - Lum