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Undoubtedly, first person horror games are some of the best scares out there. So let's make more! 

THEME:  Escape

OPTIONAL LIMITATION:  One light source

Games will be voted on the following...

  • Use of theme
  • Gameplay
  • Potential to give heart attacks
  • Graphics
  • Uniqueness 

Extra points for original code/assets.


  • Pre-made assets are allowed if you made them. 
  • Only use assets if you have permission to.
  • Nothing too NSFW.
  • One submit per team.

PRIZE:  €20 gift card to amazon if we get more than 50 entries. 

Join the discord server and find a team, inspirations or resources .


This will hopefully be the first on many and I plan to include some great prizes in the future. 

Be kind and make something great!  

I think it goes without saying but..... Games can only be from the first person perspective!

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1st Person Survival Horror
Go on the path of enlightenment and grant your freedom.
Explore the Room and find your way out
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