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This jam is to make games inspired by, and using, fire. Any kind of game is welcome, as long as it is focused or centralized on fire.

Fire is a beautiful, dangerous thing. From sitting around a campfire telling stories, to providing necessary warmth for survival, fire holds a special place in the histories and mythologies of people.


  • The game must have fire as a central mechanic or theme.
  • Any state of work may be submitted.
  • Games are allowed in any language.
  • License and price your games as you see fit.
  • Include all necessary content warnings on your game's pages and in the game itself if your game includes sensitive subject matter.
  • Bigoted content of any kind is not allowed and will be removed from the jam.
  • Feel free to tweet with the tag #firejam


The guidelines are here as recommendations that can help improve your game in a number of ways. They are not requirements, but are good practices that we recommend.

  • Boost your accessibility by providing plain-text versions or versions that are easily read by text-to-speech apps (free online resources can be used to check how well it reads, try out Natural Reader!)
  • Offer community copies or opt-in discounts.
  • Ensure you provide print-friendly versions if relevant.
  • Include the Olivia Hill rule, provided below.
  • Include safety mechanics, such as Script Change by Brie Beau Sheldon.
  • Include rules for aftercare if your game touches on sensitive subjects.
  • Include disclaimers, warnings, and fire safety guidelines if your game uses real fire. Fire is dangerous! Some examples are included below.

The Olivia Hill Rule:

"If you're a fascist, you're not welcome to play this game. It's against the rules. If you're reading this and thinking, "You just call everyone you disagree with a fascist," then you're probably a fascist, or incapable of drawing inferences from context and acknowledging a dangerous political climate that causes the oppressed to be hyperbolic. Don't play this game. Heal yourself. Grow. Learn. Watch some Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood or something."

Example Disclaimer:

"IMPORTANT: Fire is dangerous. Ensure you understand fire safety procedures, ensure you understand and follow all relevant regulations, and ensure you prepare a safe play-space. The burden of safety is on you, the players.

The author accepts no liability for damage, injury, or any other condition related to playing this game."

Example Fire Safety Guidelines:

"Any gameplay involving fire demands precaution. Fire is dangerous and can be unpredictable. With that in mind, we recommend the following as a starting point for fire safety. Before playing any game involving fire, please do your own research into local regulations, and make sure you have prepared your space properly and with care.

Any time you intend to work with fire:

  • Keep proper, and up-to-date extinguishing equipment nearby.
  • Only work with fire in well-ventilated environments.
  • Do not use fire anywhere a flammable atmosphere could be present.
  • Ensure no flammable materials are kept or placed near flames or ignition sources.
  • Never leave fire or heat unattended.
  • Keep fire and ignition sources away from children.
  • A fire cannot be considered extinguished until it is cool to the touch. Exercise extreme caution when safely putting out fires."


Graphics by Jan Martin (@hellotenbear)

Olivia Hill rule by Olivia Hill, from #iHunt (

Script Change RPG Toolbox by Brie Beau Sheldon (

This jam is hosted by Jan Martin ( and Andrew Eagle (

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A cozy campfire poetry lyric-game about past hurts and marshmallows.
A 4-word LARP about recovering from long term abuse
Building, Tending, Letting Go
It's a pen and paper game that might remind you of that Snake game in those old phones.