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The goal of this jam is to make small simple games with a really good polished look
The teams are limited to four people
Only personal/team made assets !
Any  Engine and any platform you wish but keep it accessible to play !

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Themes selected:

    : Machines

    : Organization and tasks

    : Urban


- FUN! - Design - Mechanics - How does it fit the theme ?

Final Theme will be announced in the first 30 seconds of the jam! Be there to vote !

For any questions and for theme voting here is the Discord server:

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Black's life depends on White in this endless game
Gather trash and earn cash!
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A puzzle platformer in which you play as an upgradeable robot.
Help Humanity fight to overthrow it's machine Overlord's in this Fast Paced space shooter with a twist.
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Program cars to move around in an urban environment. Solve puzzles and avoid hazards.
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