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What and why?

A game jam is a game development event where the participants have a fixed amount of time to create a game.
Usually the created games are designed around a theme, which is revealed at the start of the jam. There are also diversifiers; optional subthemes, constraints and ideas, to give added challenge to veteran jammers.

The Finnish College Jam was created as an initiative to boost the co-operation of Finnish game development academies, to help students improve their skills and meet new contacts.

For our very first iteration of the Jam, we have students from Business College Helsinki, Sataedu, Stadin AO and Riveria.

The Jam is also streaming during the start and finish of the event, courtesy of BCH, with Christina Lassheikki as the guest speaker!


The Jam will start with a stream at 10:00, where the theme will be revealed.
Once the stream is concluded, the participants can team up and start making their games!

All of the created games will be uploaded here and are publicly available to be played, shared and downloaded.
All uploads must be complete before the final deadline on midnight Thursday at 23:59
(The deadline was extended to 01:30 due to upload troubles.)

We highly encourage all participants to maintain a healthy lifestyle and schedule throughout the week of jamming for both personal well-being and optimal performance.

On Friday, starting at 10:00 we will host the ending stream, where we will play the created games together and have a good time. Afterwards we will socialize at our Discord server until the ending of the jam at 15:00.

The Theme: "Break the Rules"

List of optional Diversifiers:

  • Color Changes Everything
  • End Where You Started
  • You Control The Environment, Not The Character
  • It Never Ends
  • Enemies As Weapons
  • Control More Than One
  • You Are Not The Main Character
  • You Are The Final Boss

Thank you and let's have a great jam!


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The most mischievous creature on the planet is up to no good. Or is it?
The forest might hide you into a different world
A Hobo lost and hungry in the woods with zero F**** left to give.
FinnishCollegeJam Team12 Project
A short puzzle game where you need to help a witch brew her potions.
You have a job to do.
Something rotten and fishy in the state of things!
Better use it well
Jump on your electric scooter and go fetch that food for the hungry rat.
Definitely not a bug
You try to protect your home island from human settlers.
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Happy hunt!
Break the rules of society
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