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2023 has already become the year of the challenge and I love it! That said, while it's great to start something new and get that rush of creativity and energy that comes with it, there is also a deep satisfaction to be gained by completing something that we've already begun or putting work into the ongoing projects that we already have!

I want to celebrate that continual work that often doesn't get celebrated, the commitment and struggle to keep working on something once the shininess of "new" has worn off. Whether it's content for your home game, that TTRPG project that keeps getting put aside to finish another day, or that mega-dungeon you already have but can't seem to get around to finishing, let's put in some work and get them to the finish line!


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A solo RPG with journaling style (GMless) about your days on the cafe shop
Full version out now!!! Retro inspired Dark fantasy adventure
A simple mechanics and short survival ttrpg that fits in a business card
An Assignment for the Candela Obscura System
A one-page OSR fear mechanic
A liminal game about love, apotheosis and rot.
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Collect as many rocks as you can and dodge enemies
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​Angry birds like game with explosions and gravity simulations
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A tactical combat game.
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Magic drinks and tough conversations
Interactive Fiction
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