This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-05-09 01:00:00 to 2021-06-10 07:00:00. View 16 entries

Ser Jaime's instructions below.

* Pick a game that you've started and know you can finish by June 9, 2021.
* Or if you really feel bold and un-lazy you can just start and finish it by June 9th. We're not your dad.
* Finish the game. Or don't, just let us know if it's finished or not.
* No genre restrictions. Tabletop/card games allowed.
* Teams and cross-jam submissions are allowed.
* Please keep declared finished games free to play for fellow jammers.
* Please do not submit NSFW projects. If you're on the fence about whether something is SFW or not, drop a content warning in the appropriate place so potential players/streamers can make the call.
* Remember: Artists ship. A shipped game with a few imperfections will beat the hypothetically perfect vaporware every time

If you violate these rules, Ser Jaime will get you.

Mean Girls Games will attempt (where permitted) to stream successful entries.

By suggestion of a participant and due to larger than expected nature of jam, we have a Discord:


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A basic educational virtual pet game
The girls at your highschool are secretly superheroes, but you have no idea!
Visual Novel
The swamp has no more food! Adventure outwards to find food for Hungry Frog
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Multiplayer game for having fun with friends, or compete in the most bouncy matches ever!
A rage game about using clones to complete levels
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Soft music, hot cocoa, and leisurely chess.
Button masher in space!
​A good girl must bring paper to owner to get a treat or possible a head rub.
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rpg table top ttrpg epistolary letter friends story seasons table write
You're a bot ready to solve a crime - but can you learn too much?
Interactive Fiction
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Table-Top RPG and Improv Comedy Prompt
Run. Jump. Eat oranges. Grow old.
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