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A number of non-professional indie game developpers encounter dificulties in  finishing a project. Especially when working alone and isolated motivation and confidence may vary, life dificulties can get harder too overcome, and planning and executing the developement is harder (having only one brain and all).  And as a result, many developpers, amateurs and experienced alike, will end up dreaming about fantastic projects that will never be made into finished games.

If you are in a situation of the sort, like i am, this jam is made for you. By entering the jam, you agree to the following rules :

1. Pick one of your unfinished project, just one, and finish it within the timelimit.
2. Your goal is not to deliver the best game ever, nor the best of your ability. Just to finish that game, with lowered standard if needed.
3. You are not allowed to work on any other project than the one you opted to finish until you finished that game.
4. You are not allowed to work on a new project. The definition of 'new' in this context is, however, open to interpretation.
5 You are only allowed to submit your project once you consider it "finished".
6. If you finish a project before the time limit, youare free to try and finish another game following the same rules.
7. If you fear you might not be able to finish in time, don't panick. Try it. No matter what it should be good experience.
8. Crunches are prohibited. This is a 3 month jam on purpose, don't wreck your health over this. Prefer small scale games you are guaranteed to easily finish in the time limit.

Additional notes :
There is no competition,  there is no prize, there are no loser. Anyone participating wins experience. Even if not managing to finish.
Your project doesn't actually need to be a videogame, nor a game at all for that matter. You are free to work on a painting if you wish.
If you intend to submit games with nsfw content, gore or the likes, remember to tag your game accordingly.
If you intend to submit a non-free game, consider also providing a demo of your game.
You are encouraged to go check on what everyone else is doing, comment and exchange., but don't be a dick.
My background says sorry to your eyes.

Additional thoughts :
Now that all that is said, i must add that i don't only make this jam so that i can finish the game i'm working on. I feel that for every year passing, the game industry concentrates into fewer hands, and gets more and more streamlined, and that the explosion of indie game companies has had, in th end, the same effect of streamlining most games they produce. On the other hand, there probably have never been more people engaged into game making for sake of ceativity and telling something unique, but it feels like they are way too scattered and fragile, and that most of what they do is going to be lost in space. This jam, at it's tiny scale, is a tentative at making contact with some of these creators, to see what they do, and exchange about game, game developement etc.

That is why i would like people to discuss in the comunity section, to share social accounts , web pages and such. I'm not a youtuber or anyone famous, i won't make you succeed as a game dev (what does that even mean ?), but still I'd love to chat to anyone interested in this jam, answer any question, take a look at your games, and talk about it.  (though if, for some reason, this jam suddenly gets 150 participants i might not be able too.)


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