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Do you have a game you started but never finished it? A deadline you want to impose to yourself but never ended being there? An idea that's been on your head for weeks but never got out of it?

Now's the time.

Now's the time to ignite that flame inside your heart to fuel you to accomplish that objective.

Where will that come from? The will to have something to be realized for? To show your work to others? To follow your dreams? To earn money? To be better than everybody else?

Whatever it is, it's time to show that this quarantine is no match for you!

Wait, what is this jam is about again?

Instead of making something completely new, this jam is about finishing ongoing projects, ideas or deadlines. But if your goal is doing something completely new, go for it.

The jam hasn't begun yet, can I work on my project anyway?

Do whatever is best for you!

What state does my project have to be in order to submit it?

Doesn't matter. All it matters is that you try your best.

What restrictions does the submissions must follow?

Aside from community rules, none. What you play or submit on this jam is entirely your responsibility.

How voting will work?

After the submission period ends, participants will have 3 days to vote on their favorite game using their own criterias.

So this is a competition?

It's there as a motivation factor, but it's not the primary focus of this jam. The focus of this jam is your journey. You're also encorajed to provide constructive feedback on other games regardless which one is your favorite.

Is that Johnny Lawrence?

Yes. Go watch Cobra Kai sometime, It's a good show.

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Qbasic gaming is not dead!
Made for Ludum Dare 34 - Theme - Two Button Controls, Growing - Never finished it so decided to complete it now
A Short demo from my Devtober 2019 project featuring Melody!
Play in browser
Old-school, puzzle-heavy fantasy text adventure
What if Scandinavia had entered the console wars? A 48 Hour Game Jam Idea