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I've been using game maker for over 17 years, and in that time I have made lots of games. However, most of them are short jam projects, usually made in a week-end or so. I am just very bad at longer projects.

Your mission for this jam is to take one of my games and either add content to it or modify it in some way. You'll have a month for that.

Most of my game maker source code is available on eacth games itch page:  and if ever you can't find one, just ask me on discord and I'll provide it. This jam is primarely aimed at game maker devs, however in those source codes you will also find most of the art and music of my games so if you're using another engine feel free to just make an entire game out of my assets.

I will then play all of those modified games and make a video about it on my youtube channel. There will be 3 judging criteria:

  • fun (is the game fun to play)
  • surprise (how many unexpected things have you added to the game which weren't intended)
  • content (based on the amount of actual content/replayability you've added to the original game.)


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Fall Guys but somebody else made it in 1 hour and I modded it
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