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The Furry Interactive Fiction Jam is a four week long, low stress writing/game jam wherein participants race to create the best furry interactive fiction they can.

Interactive fiction is a story that is told in such a way that the reader does not simply turn the page or scroll down. They have to participate in the story to one extent or another. Choose-your-own-adventure novels are an early example of this, but with computers, we have many more tools at our disposal!

This is not a ranked or rated process, there is no winner or runner-up. Rather, it's more like NaNoWriMo in that the goal is to submit something that runs - fully finished or not.

Content allowed

FIFJam is all about stories. Although some game-like mechanics are fine in your IF, they shouldn't be the final goal. The stories must be furry in nature, though to what extent is up to the creator. There is no unifying theme, though perhaps, if we do another FIFJam, there will be!

Adult content is allowed but your submission must be marked as such (Itch has a mechanism for this).


All types of interactive fiction is allowed, from decision and tree-based stories to more complex open-world stories. You can write your games in whatever language or engine you'd like (Twine, Inform, Ren'Py, etc) or write your own!

What about pre-existing games or other jams?

Feel free to submit games that you've already made, for this first go around! Still, it'd be great if you were to participate in the jam beyond that.

Participating in Strawberry Jam 2 or another game jam? Those submissions are also welcome here!

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A sexy story from a hopeful future.
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Save a guy from Death Penalty or not
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You're a good toy.
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