Submissions open from 2022-05-25 07:00:00 to 2022-06-01 07:00:00
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Welcome to the 1st annual Fennel Game Jam!

The 1st ever Fennel community game jam is on for May 25th! Come have fun and make a game using the Fennel programming language.

Tips and tricks

Game Jam Rules:

You must primarily use the Fennel programming language

You can use any engine. Your own custom built one (developed outside the jam) is totally fair game.

Your game specific programming should be done within the time frame of this jam.

Your game must be submitted to the official game jam page before the end of the day June 1st (UTC).

Your game must have a Web or Linux build.

Your game's Itch page should have a brief summary of your mechanics and clear instructions on installation, dependency requirements, and how to run the game.

Your game can use assets that you created or assets that are freely/open culture licensed (including music, sound effects, fonts, etc.). Freely licensed material must be given proper credit on your entry's page.

You’re allowed (and encouraged) to work in teams if you like. Head over to #fennel on and look for people who want to team up.