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FEMICOM Museum hosts game jams with themes inspired by our favorite femme / feminine games, software, hardware, and toys of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

The second FEMICOM game jam is taking place August 14 - September 6, 2015!

The theme for this game jam is *~DRESS UP~*. Your challenge is to make a game related to this theme, however you wish to interpret it. Think Barbie Fashion Designer, KISS dolls, Style Savvy, unlockable outfits, Pop Cutie!, or something else entirely!

New and inexperienced developers are encouraged to participate. Some game development resources:

In the future, FEMICOM may sell inexpensive, limited-edition CD-ROM game compilations to raise funds for our operations. When you upload your game, you will be asked whether you wish to grant permission for your game to be included in this compilation.


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A realistic teenage dress-up game.
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Beings from the Dark Void have reemerged. Will you be able to stop the beings from them with the powr of tennis?
A dress up monster doll with a really silly name
A cute dress-up game with your skeletal pal! <3
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Use your arsenal of accessories to bring peace to the rabbits of Lapin Island!
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Discover cool street styles and publish them on your very own fashion blog!
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Become the most beautiful sheep you can be
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